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Where in Normandy? This map was supplied by John Stamos.

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130th in Normandy

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Taken in France: September and October 1944
"The mess tent & personnel"
"We had quite a set-up here in tents."
(James Armour)

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Sept/Oct 1944
"Getting a GI Haircut"
"Don White in Foreground"
(James Armour)

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France Sept/Oct 1944
"An outdoor Bathroom! Here is where we did all of our washing up and shaving in helmets.
Edward Butkiewiez looking into the camera."
(James Armour)

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France Sept & Oct 1944
Dan Morrison
George Rubenstein
(James Armour)

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Normandy Sept/Oct 1944
"A Cemetery - This is only one, there are many of them in France;
The boys who died for their country."
(James Armour)

130th in Normandy France Sept and Oct James Armour and unknown.jpg (29127 bytes)
Taken in France (Normandy) Sept and Oct 1944
James Armour and Others

130th in Normandy Sept - Oct 1944jpg.jpg (32014 bytes)

Taken in Normandy France Sept and Oct.
Pup Tent Area
On the far left is Joseph Ultimo currently of Park Ridge, Illinois - 5/30/2001

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Normandy France:
We lived in Pup tents and then moved into bigger tents.
Swenson and White

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France: Sept/Oct 1944
"A hot poker game."

"Joe Padranaggio transferred out.
Is probably in England or the statews now."

wwiiDIAGRAM.jpg (86773 bytes)
Paris, France 1944

48_-_Norte_Dame_Cathedral.jpg (35181 bytes)

Notre Dame Cathedral
Paris, France 1944

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