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Mont de la Salle
(130th General Hospital)

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Jerry Baszner - Then
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130th General Hospital

their home

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Inside of the chapel  
December 1944
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Operating Room Area
The Hospital

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Operating Room "A"

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Operating Room "B"

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Plaster Room
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Operating Room Corridor
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Surgical Ward

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Hospital Ward
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Operating Room Ward

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Officers Quarters

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Officers Club

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Officers Bunks

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Jerry Baszner - Year 2000

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Road to Mont de la Salle
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German Prisoners of war acreage,
now the football field.
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Church of Ciney
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The Church of Ciney
is on the far left
in the background.
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Notre Dame de Lourdes Chapel
at Mont de la Salle
built after the war.
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Saint John the Baptist de la Salle.
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Road to the Cemetery
Mont de la Salle
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of the
Friars of Mont de la Salle
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Mont de la Salle
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Mont de la Salle

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Mont de la Salle

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Mont de la Salle

Now Again
William Hastings - Trip May 2003

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William Hastings May 2003

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