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James W. Armour

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February 15, 2001:
This is a poster which was made by a seventh grader made up of information
on me during the war, a group of veterans were assembled at the Montgomery
middle school on Veterans day, we meet every year, have a great get together.
we have lunch and different demonstrations pertaining to W W ll. we tell about
our experiences.
Your Buddy
Jim Armour 

Pfc_Armour_Pfc_Hastings_Belgium_1944_-_Gravel_for_cement_mixerjpg.jpg (21923 bytes)

Left: Pfc. Armour and Pfc. Hastings
Shoveling gravel for the cement mixer.
Belgium 1944

William_Hastings_-_James_Armour.jpg (33230 bytes)

Taken in the late 1990's

JA003.jpg (17593 bytes)

James Armour in the Mud!
Belgium 1944

Lots_of_mud_-_James_Armour_1944.jpg (32421 bytes)
James Armour in more mud!
Ciney - November 1944

13_Personnel_Office.jpg (34953 bytes)
James Armour in the Personnel office
Ciney, Belgium - November 1944

Dickson_and_Corbitt2.jpg (52932 bytes)
Nicolas Dickson, Unknown, Amos Corbitt

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