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130th General Hospital

I'm John H. Sweet, and my father was Lt. Col. Howard E. Sweet, MD. He was the Executive Officer and ultimately the Commanding Officer of the unit.

I am starting this page to gather information and stories about the 130th General Hospital during World War II.

I hope this page becomes a place where the surviving members of the unit can "Meet"! I am also writing a book with the help of  members of the 130th! Please send your stories so I can include them. You can e-mail them to me or record them and send the tape recording. I'll transcribe them here in my office.

Please forward any information, stories and pictures to jhsweet@nc.rr.com and help me build this 130th Home page.
John Sweet

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Mont de la Salle: Ciney, Belgium
Home of the 130th General Hospital

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