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William Hastings New!

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William Hastings - Year 2003

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William Hastings with the Laredo chapter of the Texas National Guard
December 2003

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"The Four Hastings Brothers"

The four Hastings brothers are at the top right of the page:  Top left Cpl. Daniel B. Hastings served in the Rhineland and other Europe campaigns.  Right T/4 Albert L. Hastings was in the Pacific 22 months.  He was burned 25% of his body.  Bottom left - Pfc. William C. Hastings is a veteran of both the ETO (European Theater of Operations) and the Asiatic Pacific.  Right - Pfc. Thomas E. Hastings saw action in France, Belgium and Germany in an armored division before being captured by the Germans.  He was liberated by our forces.  The Hastings' brothers are listed by age and are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hastings of 1814 Salinas in Laredo, Tx. 

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"Coffee Time" in Ciney, Belgium
December - 1944
Bill Hasting is third from Right to Left

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Ciney, Belgium: All Personnel Office Workers 130th General Hospital

Bill Hastings at his desk typing payroll 130th Gen Hp Ciney Belgium 1944.jpg (22989 bytes)

Bill Hastings at his desk and office typing the payroll.
Ciney, Belgium 1944

Front View 130th General Hospital Ciney Belgium 1944.jpg (28197 bytes)

Front View of the
130th General Hospital
Ciney, Belgium 1944

John Stamos Ciney Belgium 1944.jpg (30429 bytes) Bill Hastings said, "Taken in Belgium December 1, 1944 in Ciney. John Stamos in front of a Cat House he fixed up as a background. We had a show one night in which the back ground played a big part."
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Perry, Kogak and Hastings
Belgium 1944

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Pfc Armour Pfc Hastings Belgium 1944 - Gravel for cement mixerjpg.jpg (21923 bytes)

Left: Pfc. Armour and Pfc. Hastings Shoveling gravel for the cement mixer. Belgium 1944
Left Picture was taken in the late 1990's

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 That is Jim Armour and I (Bill Hastings) at the American Legion Hall in Willis, TX near Jim's House. We had a very good time there this last Thanksgiving.

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