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German 2nd Panzer Division

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The routes taken by the 2nd Panzer Division diverted in a couple of places from its Rollbahn, skirting Bastogne for the following Volksgreenadiers to cope with, then splitting west of Champlon with Kampfgruppen 'von Bohm' and von Cochenhausen' taking different roads towards the Meuse at Ciney and Dinant.

...the 2nd Panzer Division was again severely mauled by the 2nd Armoured Division at Foy-Notre-Dame, Celles and Ciney.
By the end of January 1945 the once proud division was reduced in strength to a mere 200 men with four tanks.
"The Ardennes Offensive" by Bruce Quarrie


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James Armour
German Tank after  The Bulge - 1944
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