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Stone England -- Pictures by George Mason 


23_Earl_of_Lichfield.jpg (39744 bytes)
Dedicated to the Earl of Lichfield

Home_of_Earl_of_Lichfield.jpg (32702 bytes)
Home of the Earl of Lichfield
England near the village of Great Hawood

Mail Call - Frank Gippert (Postmaster)
Taken in Front of the Lotus Club
Stone England - 1944
"Furnished by James W. Armour"

Master 1-2B.jpg (31762 bytes)
Entrance to the 312th General Hospital

nov_2_mod.jpg (12895 bytes)
This was..."taken in England. It's Me, Morrison, and Donahue.
2nd row is Al Finn, and Butkewitz.
With all these pictures one would think that we never
worked, but we really did work."
This group never missed a payroll in England, Normandy or Belgium!
Bill Hastings 
Bucky_Connie_Don_Audry_Jim.jpg (21594 bytes)
Taken near 130 General Hospital - England - 1944
Left to Right
Bucky, Connie, Don, Audry, and Jim

Master 1-1B.jpg (56197 bytes)
Stone England - 1944
"Lotus Club"
Front Row: Sgt. York; Capt. White; C. Russo; A. Finn; Giblin
Back Row: Morrison; Hastings; Padrinagio; Stamos; Rubenstein; O'Neil
Chumbley__Paul.jpg (23326 bytes)
Set for a bike ride in England - 1944
Chumbley & Paul

Bill Hastings 312 Station Hospital Stone England 1944.jpg (53665 bytes)
Bill Hastings 312th Station Hospital
Stone, England 1944
Joe_Ultimo.jpg (23261 bytes)
Joe Ultimo
Essex Bridge - Haywood, England

England Audust 1944 Jim Armour Bill Hastings Dan Morrison NY Ed Bertkirut Mass.jpg (20442 bytes)
Taken in England in 1944
Jim Armour, Gill Hastings, Dan Morrison (NY),
Ed Butkiruts (?) (Mass)
All four were in the Personnel Office.

Lov_Howard__John_Stamos.jpg (38068 bytes)

Lov Howard & John Stamos

Sgt_Vasquez_England_1944.jpg (12495 bytes)
Inside a Nissen hut
Our 1944 living quarters in England.
Showdown_Inspection.jpg (18943 bytes)
Stone England - Before leaving for France
Showdown Inspection - August 1944

17_Winnie_Taylor_-_England_1944.jpg (34231 bytes)
James Armour & Winnie Taylor
England - August 1944

37_-_Winnie_and_Lou.jpg (14269 bytes)
Winnie Taylor and Lou Howard
Royal Air Force - WAAFS
Women's Aux Air Force (22186 bytes)
Stafford England -  1944
Swenson & White on the Market Square

Stafford_England_1944.jpg (19351 bytes)
Stafford England - 1944

45_-_Old_Castle.jpg (37903 bytes)
Old Castle
Where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner.
Swenson__Evans.jpg (18351 bytes)
Swenson & Evans outside a Nissan Hut
England 1944

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