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This map is from the book: 
A History of the Second United States Armored Division 1940 to 1946
edited by Lt. Col. E. A. Trahan 
Albert Love Enterprises: Atlanta
Published in 1946
This map shows the path of the 2nd Armored Division through Ciney, Belgium

2nd_Armored_ma_from_book2.jpg (419704 bytes)
A map of the
"Battle of Ciney"
courtesy of
Rose Dewing Young
Nurse, 130th General Hospital
The Battle of Ciney.jpg (92462 bytes)

"Battle of the Belgian Bulge"
The Stars and Stripes
Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1945
courtesy of
Paul D. Abramson's daughter
Jean Jacobsohn
Page 11-1Map1.jpg (49302 bytes)
"This is how the Belgian Bulge had shrunk from its maximum (black line) to its approximate present size (white border)."
2nd Armored Division Maps
2nd Armored  Division full map.jpg (180979 bytes) 2nd Armored  Division partial map.jpg (19633 bytes)
German Tank after the Bulge
Paul Witmer - December 1944

JA004.jpg (13077 bytes)
Ciney, Belgium
December 1944
Jim Armour on the road to Ciney.

"We didn't see the sign...
at least we
not to see it!"

Page 7-5.jpg (30500 bytes)

The Ciney Railroad Station

Ciney Railroad Station.jpg (26147 bytes)

This building was used by the Americans during the battle of the Bulge. The Belgian underground/volunteers also used this building during the war.
No. 79, rue de Commerce
Ciney, Belgium

Chateau.jpg (61943 bytes)
Chateau DeBoux
This was used by the Americans during the war. Chateau St Roch 2 - Ciney.jpg (39721 bytes)
Le Chateau St. Roch
Belgium, December 1944
"A house which is near the hospital.
The little town of Ciney is in the background.
Page 7-4.jpg (10788 bytes)
March 1945
In front of the 130th
John Stamos and "Friends"

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