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            In Europe, the most famous of all the Shermon tanks still visible today is probably the one at McAuliffe Square in Bastogne. This tank proudly carries the colors of the 4th Armored Division, which freed the encirclement of Bastogne on December 26th 1944.
           On December 11, 1999, during the “Foire aux Noix” and the commemorative ceremonies for the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, the Cercle d’Histoire de Bastogne was happy to present its new book.
           The book, entitled “The ‘Sherman’ at McAuliffe Square in Bastogne.  The True Story”, is written both in English and in French.
           The authors, Jacques DEGIVE, Robert FERGLOUTE and Roger MARQUET, gathered testimonies from the players involved in the “Sherman” destruction (on December 30th, 1944 in Renuamont).  They resorted to the Belgian, American and German archives.
           The book tells more than just the tank’s history.  The authors also recounted the life of the crew members.  Four of the five crew members survived the war, and one of them, Ivan Goldstein, visited Bastogne and “his” tank in May of 1998.  The daughter of driver Andrew Urda, Alene, took the same trip in December 1998.  Why call it “the true story?”  Because too many mistakes and inaccuracies were made concerning this tank, and the authors proved that the vehicle belonged to the 11th Armored Division.  Moreover, they are initiating the dedication of a sign which would recall the tank and its crew’s story.  Fifty five years later is never too late…

This is the exciting story of that tank!

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