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Three Pictures from Michel Lombet
via William Hastings - June 2003
Hospital_from_the_air.jpg (159707 bytes)
Mont de la Salle 
Hospital_ground_view_1.jpg (131631 bytes)
Mont de la Salle 
William_Hastings_6-2003.jpg (67629 bytes)
Michel Lombet

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Belgian Troops

This a picture of Michel Lombet's father on the right and an unknown soldier on the left.
His father was in the Belgian Resistance and worked with the 130th General Hospital.
Please let John Sweet know if you recognize the soldier on the left.

Michel Lombet's father.jpg (85201 bytes)

Please, I need some help!

The picture below was provided to me by:
Michel Lombet at
Avenue de la Toison d'Or, 139

I quote from his letter:

"I have in my possession a picture [shown below] [with] 22 Belgian volunteers
(my father included) who were recruited  for 6 months by the U.S. Army. All these
Belgians wore American uniforms. On this picture, taken in front of the building's
main entrance at Mont de la Salle, appears a notice board with the number 79 [on it]."

The question is what does the number "79" on the front of the building which housed the
130th General Hospital signify or mean?

Please forward any information to John Sweet. Thank you!

These are members of the Belgian Underground
that were assigned to the 130th General Hospital
Click on the picture below to enlarge!

Belgian Troops Assigned to the 130th General Hospitaljpg.jpg (80069 bytes)

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