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130th Pictures
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English convoy stopped for a
"Spot of Tea"
in front of the 130th General Hospital

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December 1944
Sgt. Hisey
He made Lt. in Dec. 1944

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James Rohr
Score Keeper

22_Score_Keeper.jpg (23722 bytes)
Known as Uncle Muff
Sgt over Motor Pool

21_Motor_Pool.jpg (38664 bytes)
Belgium November 1944
"In the Office"
Left to right
McGregor (Mac)
P. Witmer (Motorman)
C. Russo (Buss)
H. York (M/Sgt)
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Belgium November 1944
"Paul Witmer"
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Belgium - November 1944
Tony Pisano
"Chow Call"
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Tony Pisano
At work in the Personnel Office
130th General Hospital
40_-_Tony_Pisano_at_work.jpg (30935 bytes)
Belgium - November 1944
"Taking it easy!"
James Armour in front of the ward tent.
"Tents were our living quarters."
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Belgium November 1944
Cement Mixer
"I worked for some time when we first
arrived in Ciney laying concrete."
James Armour
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"Taken at the time of President Roosevelt's death." Page 6-4.jpg (28428 bytes)
"The Supply Boys"
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Belgium - November 1944
Garman barracks
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From  the
Dr. Paul D. Abramson's
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Waiting for Transportation Page_15-2-2.jpg (103213 bytes)
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Flight line
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Page_15-1-3.jpg (58981 bytes) page_15-2-1.jpg (74882 bytes)
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More Flight line
from Jim Armour
Going_home.jpg (25623 bytes)
L to R
Dan Farley, Al Finn, Joe Shields, Philip Kogok and unknown pilot.

Point_system_returnees.jpg (22086 bytes)
L to R
Dan Farley, Al Finn, Joe Shields, Air Force Pilot. This was when some of the men were preparing to fly to the US. They were going home.
The point system qualified them to do so.

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