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Citation Letter

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Stars & Stripes
Monday, January 22, 1045
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from the Office De Promotion Du Tourisme
Wallonie, Bruxelles

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130th Ardennes Pictures
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Christmas Menu 1944 
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Officers OfficersWEB.jpg (548703 bytes)
Nurses NursesWEB.jpg (518198 bytes)
Department Heads Page_09-7_Dept_Heads.jpg (281492 bytes)
Hospital - Ciney, Belgium 130th Gen Hospital Picture.jpg (31998 bytes)
Hospital 2 - Ciney, Belgium MonestaryWEB.jpg (496972 bytes)
Hospital 3  - Ciney, Belgium
From the air!
130th Hospital from the Air - WEB.jpg (85319 bytes)
Tent Addition - 130th General hospital Tent Hospital.jpg (571445 bytes)
Personnel page_02-2-1_people.jpg (121911 bytes)
Father Ed Dorsey Page_05-1-2_Father_Dorsey.jpg (64947 bytes) frdoresy.jpg (10690 bytes)
Two Unknown Members of the 130th
If you know who they are
please e-mail the information to
Click here for e-mail
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Belgium 1945
Frank Gippery & Furry
Page 3-5.jpg (22298 bytes)
In front of the 130th General Hospital
Raising of the flag
German prisoner working in the foreground
Page 3-4.jpg (22963 bytes)
Who knows about this piano?
Let me know please!
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November 1944
Prisoner of war stockade
130th General Hospital
Ciney, Belgium
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M/Sgt York Page 4-2.jpg (17193 bytes)

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